Week of February 26th

Daytona 500 NASCAR Race, Sunday, February 26th @ Clubhouse

Starts @12:30PM Drivers start your engines! Its time to rock your teams number!
The Great American Race is about to begin. Stop by the clubhouse Sunday, February 26th for wings and beer . Bring a snack to share with your fellow racers. Children’s arts and crafts in office 1-3pm

Week of March 5th

Wine and Design, Sunday, March 5th @ Clubhouse

Starts @6:00PM Its time to test your artistic talent with a little wine and design. Wine supplies, and instructor provided for $10 per person without childcare $15 with childcare Outside guests welcome! Please RSVP in the office or by phone (910)484-5500 by March 1st. We need an exact headcount to make this happen!

Week of March 16th


ST. Patricks Day Dinner, Thursday, March 16th @ Clubhouse

Starts 6:30PM. Don’t forget to wear your green for this party, or you might be in for a pinching. On this day we celebrate all things Irish including Whiskey, food, milkshakes and a live musical surprise.

Weekly Activities